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Course description

It's a drip fed, month by month, year long storytelling training course with videos, storyboards, audio files, tips and tricks, activity ideas, curriculum links and more. Priced at less than £4 (or one posh coffee!) per week - it's amazingly good value.

You can pay Yearly or Monthly - both buttons are at the bottom of the page!

This course gives you the tools and the confidence to tell a great story that engages all the listeners & then gives you activities and ideas to transform your outdoor learning delivery.

"Do you know what? This is INSPIRATIONAL! I love the story, the background information, the ideas. It's a fabulous resource. It's also very supportive recognizing that it's not always easy to tell a story." Sara Collins

The Storytelling for Outdoor Learning Year Course:

  • Helps you become a more confident and skilled storyteller
  • Delivers a new video of an easy to tell story, direct to your inbox, every month
  • Gives transformative tips and tricks from professional storyteller & outdoor educator Chris Holland
  • Offer excellent CPD in your own time.
  • Provides detailed activity guides and hundreds of ideas of how to link the stories to outdoor learning
  • Presents in depth primary curriculum links
  • Costs £180 for 14 months membership
  • Donates 5% of revenue to Survival International the global movement for tribal peoples’ rights (Registered Charity 267444).
  • and more!

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"A wonderful resource. Watching the clip and using the other resources gave me the confidence to tell the story to a group of children. I enjoyed it so much and so did the children. This is exactly the sort of resource I need to help me with my story telling skills. Thank you!" Mindy P

"Working in a school-setting I find it really important to be able to relay information in as many different ways as possible and, although I'm very new to creative storytelling, using some of the techniques and activities shared here I have already noticed a difference in the way my children approach their work. I can't wait for whatever comes next!" Ciara W. 5 stars!

An old proverb from China says: "All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today." Stories are like seeds...and you too can sow seeds of wonder and connection with nature with engaging storytelling.

This course is perfect Certificated Professional Development for:

  • Forest school leaders
  • Classroom teachers
  • Scout leaders and woodcraft folk
  • Home educating parents and families
  • Childcare providers
  • Outdoor learning instructors
  • Play-workers
  • Conservation Rangers
  • Wildlife guides
  • Aunties, Uncles and Grandparents - not strictly a profession, but a pretty important mentoring role!

Stories are dewdrops of inspiration and water connects all life... join today and be inspired!

Still unsure? Here are some of the reviews from The Appetiser Course:

I've always had a 'fear' of storytelling. I've recently tried to give it another go. This course is just what I need and I'm enthused to keep on trying and build up a store of stories. The visual storyboard is an excellent device for someone whose memory is not reliable! 5 stars!

I found the course easy to access and well laid out, bursting with ideas for further learning opportunities. I tend to lack a little confidence when telling stories. This is the boost I needed. With the outdoor learning activity provided it gives me a complete session to deliver and also a focal point to return to for future learning. All in all perfect for my needs. A brilliant and inspiring idea which leads you gentle down the path into myth and wonder, story and legend, fable and fantasy with a health dose of learning.
Thanks Chris!

Thanks for this journey. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I especially appreciate the list of ways the story can be crafted for different audiences. Simple yet profound.

Chris Holland
Chris Holland
Chief Storyteller

HI! It's Chris here...I am a passionate outdoor educator and nature connection facilitator with a gift for storytelling. I think storytelling is one of the best ways to share information, drops of inspiration and petals of wisdom and wonder for interested ears and hearts to pick up.

I also love how people of all ages learn through play, often without knowing they are learning. So in many ways, Story and Play are the ultimate in stealthy teachers! I use a mixture of stories, games and activities in my teaching methods and practice.

Am I qualified to teach this course? I think so... I got a degree in Environmental Science in 1993, started storytelling in 1998 and I trained as a Forest School Leader in 2004. In 2009 I self published I love my world - the playful, hands-on nature connection guidebook. It's become a "must have" handbook for more than 6000 forest school leaders, teachers and parents around the world. In 2014 I contributed a chapter to Storytelling for a greener world (Hawthorne Press 2014). I love storytelling and I hope to pass loads of enthusiasm and experience through this course!

Please feel free to get in contact either through my email, skype chriswholeland, twitter: chriswholeland or on Facebook